Take Advantage of Affordable Camping Memberships

Windy Hills Campground makes the membership process easy

When you decide Windy Hills Campground is the best place to camp with your family, call us at 585-567-2779 to schedule a meeting with our owners. We’ll show you our available sites and go over the rules and regulations. When you’re ready, you’ll sign a copy of the rules and regulations and the liability paperwork. You’ll then pay for the full season, which runs from April 15 to October 15.

Come to our campground today to choose your perfect campsite!

Perks of being a Windy Hills member

Perks of being a Windy Hills member

As a member of Windy Hills Campground, you’ll get:

  • A large, private campsite
  • Full access to our amenities, including water, sewer and electric
  • No charge for visits from family and friends

Become a member today to enjoy our campgrounds for the full season.